now that you know the key, what are you going to play?

16 October 1981
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I cross-post from my Dreamwidth account, and if you're a regular DW user I'd prefer to circle/discuss over there, but no worries if you still like LJ.

Things I might talk about here include the San Francisco Giants, various TV shows, books and movies, and knitting/crocheting, but right now this is less of a fandom place for me and more of a way to keep in touch with long-standing friends.

(Mostly hockey) Tumblr | (All SF Giants baseball) Tumblr | (Dormant multifandom) Tumblr

Podfic, Remixes, Translations, Transformative Works, Etc

Blanket yes to podfic, remixes, and translation. Sequels and so forth, I would appreciate being contacted first, especially if you plan to post publicly. On the one hand, I feel like it's hypocritical for fanfic authors to get shirty about transformative works; on the other hand, I might have similar sequels in mind. So the heads-up would be an appreciated courtesy.

Yes, I have a pretty good idea what beauty is. It survives
alright. It aches like an open book. It makes it difficult to live.

-Terrance Hayes

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